Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Hobbit hole cake

Last Saturday my daughter had a belated birthday gathering with her group of peeps.  She is a die hard lover of The Lord of the Rings series, and after putting our heads together, we came up with the idea of a hobbit hole cake.  

I know, it looks like a clump of grass with a round thing a ma bob stuck to it's side.  The thingy is a hobbit door.  
Trust me, I did research.

I baked a cake in a heat proof bowl to create a dome shape.

I inverted it onto a cake stand, and then covered it in green Swiss meringue buttercream that I happily had stashed away in the freezer.  Then I made the door out of a round cookie.  
Official hobbit doors are round and green and have a gold knob in the very center.  

And here is my happy birthday girl.  

It almost wasn't a happy birthday party because she was horribly sick the entire week before.   Sooooo glad to have her feeling more like her old self!

The girl really needs to loosen up a little  :)

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  1. How cute is this cake? I love it. Makes me want to see the film now. I'm glad she is feeling better. We are enjoying temps in the 70's, and today, 84!! Big storm late tomorrow night and temps will drop. xo